Welcome to Dimiourgia.gr,

 In our most vulnerable moments we need our closest people next to us.

We also need people who know how to help us, and they can offer their expert professional day care, in order to ensure that we can recover our good health again.

In Dimiourgia, we created a novel therapeutic home environment that we would all wish to have at a difficult time in our life. A novel home programme that has been designed to support, care and heal the human pain with our expertise, respect and love.

What is “Dimiourgia”?

“Dimiourgia” is the first specialist home treatment day programme for people who face difficulties with their emotional health in Greece. It is a place of hospitality that promotes the emotional health and balance of our fellow friends.

“Dimiourgia” (“Δημιουργία”) in Greek means “Creation”. We work to enable our patients to become the creative architects of their lost well-being.

What is provided in "Dimiourgia"?

“Dimiourgia” provides specialist mental health care and treatment to patients who experience difficulties with their emotional health (bipolar disorder – manic depressive illness, depression, borderline personality disorder, schizo- affective disorder, eating disorders).

  • We provide specialist individual day care to our patients for as long as they need until we ensure that their emotional health is restored.
  • We provide a full program of creative activities aimed at improving the well-being and functional capacity of our patients.
  • We provide specialist individual and group support and care tailored at the specific needs of each one of our patients.

When is the best time to attend “Dimiourgia”?

  1. When you think that you need more support for your emotional health than the current support that you may have in your place.
  2. When you or your family think that you would be helped to have a more creative daily activity that would further help your well-being and recovery.
  3. Prior to a potential relapse or after being discharged from a psychiatric clinic/hospital in order to recover fully and to avoid another roll-back relapse.

What kind of therapies are provided?

In “Dimiourgia” we provide intensive daily one to one or group therapy depending on our patients’ needs.

All therapies are based on evidence-based practice. We provide different cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) modalities depending on each patient’s needs. Our drug treatments are always offered within the context of psychotherapy.

Our clinical psychologists and psychiatrists work jointly in order to deliver the best care to our patients. At the very heart of our clinical work we have the patient and his/her family. For a more detailed description of the therapies and services see BipolarLab.com

Through our day care programme all the services and programmes of BipolarLab.com are provided on a daily basis, and are complemented with creative activities. They are aimed at patients who require more intensive and systematic therapy.

What kind of activities are provided?

Our activity programme is personalised to the individual needs, and preferences of each one of our patients.

This principle of “personalisation” of our activities, may generate an infinite number of activities, that behaviourally have the capacity to be more rewarding than a set list of routine activities. This approach takes into account the individual values and goals of our participants.

Our little therapeutic home is equipped with a library, computers, game-machines (PS4, Wii), board games, music and movie libraries, table tennis, a small in-house gym, and everything else that may be required to support the personalised activities of our patients.

A group of specialist and creative activity facilitators, assist our patients to engage in each activity, and slowly but steadily facilitate them to regain their functional capacity.

The philosophy of our activity programme is based on the British intervention of Be-friending.

What is the schedule of your day programme?

Our day programme runs every day from Monday to Thursday (10am – 4pm) for most of our participants through out the year.

In the event that one of our patients needs more time and individual support, we could provide additional time during the evening time (4pm to 8pm).

We nevertheless feel that it is equally important for most of our patients to have some quality time with their family.

Who founded "Dimiourgia"?

“Dimiourgia” was founded by a team of mental health specialists with important clinical and scientific expertise in the treatment of mood disorders. Dr Yanni Malliaris BSc. PhD is the scientific director, and prime architect of “Dimiourgia”.

The lack of a home-like therapeutic and specialist environment in Greece, along with the important need of our patients for personalised and systematic day care, have been the founding source of our inspiration to create “Dimiourgia”.

Where is “Dimiourgia”;

Dimiourgia is located in one of the most beautiful places in Greece, near Athens and by the sea – in Rafina.

Rafina provides a lovely environment that can support, and empower the well-being our patients.

During the summer and spring months, the beautiful beaches of Rafina provide a perfect environment for swimming, and having walks in the nature. During the winter months, our little therapeutic home provides warmth next to our fireplace along with our friendly staff.

You can get to Rafina from most places in Attiki through Attiki highway within 30 minutes. We also provide private transportation from your home to our place (back and forth) to all our patients.

How can I participate in the day programme of Dimiourgia?

Call us at 210-8816137 or 22940-22002

in order to schedule your initial consultation. If you are calling from abroad (outside of Greece), call us at +30-6932-404342 or email us at edo@dimiourgia.gr